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Unitarian Universalism is a caring, open-minded religion that encourages seekers to follow their own spiritual paths. Our faith draws on many religious sources, welcoming people with different beliefs. We are united by shared values, not by creed or dogma.

Our congregations are places where we gather to nurture our spirits and put our faith into action by working toward social justice in our communities and the wider world. There is no formal conversion process, so becoming a Unitarian Universalist (UU) is simply a matter of self-identification. Newcomers are always welcome at UU churches. Membership in local congregations is voluntary and does not require renouncing other religious affiliations or practices.

- from the UUA

Our Congregation's Music Program

Holiday Music Sunday: Nuestra Navidad was a Great Success!

The sanctuary was full to overflowing to hear the bellringers play and the singers perform Nuestra Navidad. Below is an impromptu photo taken after the performance with guest musicians: Suzzette Ortiz, pianist/accordion; Rene Ginett, vocalist; Patricio Acevedo, guitar; Arturo Stable, percussion. Missing from the picture are Annabel G and Bridget Mc

More about our Music Program

  1. CHOIR: I want to praise our Choir members highly for great work & devotion — for creativity & thoughtfulness — for giving their minds & hearts to creating beauty & joy & good vibrations in our congregation — for taking personal risks & rising to challenges — for lifting the hearts & minds & Spirit of us all. And — for being in good friendship with one another. How great is this?!

    Please let our Singers know how much you appreciate their contributions to your spiritual life!

  2. CONNECTING: And — if you are intrigued by the possibility of participating in singing, playing instruments, playing handbells, please contact the Music Director. Lifting a joyful voice is a great way to connect with others.
  3. SUMMER SUNDAYS: During this summer, our lead musicians will be sharing the Sundays when I'm away (June-August). Musicians are invited to participate to create special music that connects thematically with each service. If you are interested in talking more about that, please contact the Music Director.
  4. COMPLIMENT: Thanks to you-in-the-pews for singing hymns so BEAUTIFULLY - full-voiced & lustily (hmm, perhaps not quite the right word!). When we lift the roof off the sanctuary, smiles form on our faces!
  5. JAMIE: Last by not least, I thank Jamie P. for his good musicianship, for his capacity to listen & create something that supports the singing. On June 2, you heard him anchoring the Choir on djembe on the song "Dropping Keys," a song with lyrics by Hafiz, the 14th century Persian mystic. He is versatile!

Earlier Spring Choir Concert: The Great American Songbook

Swinging on a Star: We celebrated the stunning creativity of mid-20th century American songwriters. Our Singers stepped out a bit and tried their hands at the fabulous tunes of the Great American Songbook.

Swinging on a Star

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