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Administrative Office Hours

Wednesday: 11:00 am - 7:00 pm
Thursday: 11:00 am - 7:00 pm
Friday: 10:00 am - 6:00 pm

Email the Office
or phone 215-247-2561.

If you need to reach Desi
you can call or text her on her
cell at 267-595-3250 - 24/7.

Minister's Office Hours

Tuesday, Wednesday and
Thursday by Appointment

Email the Minister
or phone 806-786-9733.

This page lists events that occur at our facility. For other activities, please visit the
Events & Activites , Folk Factory, Greater Philly UU Cluster, and Social Justice pages.

Updated: Friday, June 21 —

Sunday services begin at 11 am in the sanctuary immediately followed by refreshments and conversation in our Fellowship Hall.
Both spaces are air conditioned in the summer for your comfort.

We are Accessible for those with Disabilities!

Restoration features a ramp to the main sanctuary level and a recently completed wheelchair lift and accessible restrooms on both the main and lower levels. CHECK HERE for photos.


Upcoming Worship Services

June's Theme is "Renewal"

Sunday, June 23 - "Weaving Our Lives" (General Assembly Sunday)"
Join us in our air-conditioned sanctuary for a chance to tune in to the livestreamed worship service from the General Assembly Sunday Worship team, featuring Rev. Molly Housh Gordon from the Unitarian Universalist Church of Columbia, MO, a leader in the Reproductive Justice movement. We are all tangled up together in a great web of life that is woven with beauty and hardship, love and loss, thriving and struggle. How do we tend well to the weaving so that all of us are held in care? Rev. Housh Gordon will be joined by Violet Vonder Haar, Jamila Bachelder, Rev. Leon Dunkely, Rev. Eric Kaminetsky, Rev Joan Javier-Duvall, Rev. Jordinn Nelson Long, Rev. Aaron Wisman, Rev. Sadie Lansdale, and Rev. Sarah Oglesby-Dunegan

Sunday, June 30 - "The Gift"
Join us this Sunday as we take time to lean into the traveling we have done together during the last two years. There will be a reflection of gratitude, moments of celebration, and time to breathe deeply.

Past services you wish to re-watch, are available HERE.

From Our Minister

This week is the General Assembly of the Unitarian Universalist Association. There's lots of content and news to follow. There are a couple of big votes happening this year during the all-virtual conference. You are intensely interested in what's happening at the denomination level, or just happy to be part of our congregation I hope you will read the words of a prayer from Shaie's friend and our colleague, the Rev. B. Tyler Coles.

"In a matter of hours, my denomination, the Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA), will begin our annual gathering. While virtual, it will include all the usual activities one would expect of a religious gathering: workshops and panels, lectures, rites to mark significant moments in the lives of religious professionals and youth coming of age, and of course, voting. Lots of voting.

While I do not expect there will be a "schism" of any sort there will be a great deal of heartache, frustration, confusion, and frankly, anger. There always is when two or more are gathered. But this year feels even more continuous given two particular votes that we have on the docket. One being how we define ourselves as UUs at the denominational-level and one being how we might move in solidarity with Palestinians.

I am not going to ask us to move with grace and mercy, open hearts and open minds, all of which gives space for Spirit to move among us, because that should be a given. What I will ask of you however, no matter your institutional affiliation or spiritual orientation, is that you hold our Tradition, my community, in your thoughts and care.

Rev. McKinley
to read the entire article...

RE Corner with Elizabeth Ann


Happy Juneteenth! As I write this it is Wednesday, June the 19th, the Federal Holiday of June 19th. I am grateful that so many of you were able to be with us for the wonderful service that had glorious singing, reflections, and the drumming of Karen S.

To learn more about this holiday, please follow this link. Here is the link to the book that Shaie read: Free At Last – A Juneteenth Poem. If you would like to see the book it will be on the shelves in the reclaimed RE space. To read the complete narratives of Alvira Boles and formerly enslaved Africans, who were liberated in Texas, Please go to this website.

We have moved downstairs to the more accessible and cooler space off Fellowship Hall. Please stop in to visit with us.

Plans for the Summer. Many thanks to the volunteers who have signed up to teach during the Summer. If you want to join the party and co-teach with another UUsMAer, please let me know.

I am at General Assembly and will respond to you as soon as I can.

In Faith and in Love,
Elizabeth Ann

to investigate past Religious Exploration activities...

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Coffee Hour "Lemonade Lull" This Sunday, June 23

We will have a simple coffee hour after the worship service, now that we are in summer mode. Catch up with old friends or meet new ones!

Curious about how hospitality works at UU Mt Airy? You can still join one of the 3 teams (serving a month at a time in sequence) and get the inside scoop on what we do. Just use this Google link to sign up for a team or look for team coordinators Steve, Rita, or Brenda at coffee hour.

Change for Change: June

The recipient of our June Change for Change program is ANERA. Since 1968, Anera has helped refugees and others hurt by conflicts in Palestine, Lebanon and Jordan live with purpose and hope. Anera, which has no political or religious affiliation, works on the ground with partners in Palestine (West Bank and Gaza), Lebanon and Jordan. We mobilize resources for immediate emergency relief and for sustainable, long-term health, education, and economic development. Our staff serve in their communities, navigating the politics that constrict progress to get help where it’s needed most.

Currently, Anera is one of only a few organizations delivering aid to Gaza. As we know, there is a humanitarian catastrophe in Gaza. Before October 7, about 80% of Gaza's population of over two million people relied on humanitarian aid. Now, nearly every resident urgently needs aid. Anera is delivering food, water, medicine and hygiene kits right now to those in Gaza displaced by the war.
to read the entire article...

The Justice Council has established the following Guidelines for the recommendation and selection of an organization that will receive our monthly Change for Change Offering.

Linking to the Worship Service

Reminder that there are two ways to watch worship:
  1. Click the blue "Live Streaming" arrow on the homepage.
  2. The Zoom link has been changed because security protocols on their end. If you are a congregant of ours, check the weekly eNewsletter for the link and password.

Are you following UUs of Mt. Airy on Social Media?

Like us on Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/groups/uumtairy/
Follow us on Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/uumtairy/

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View Social Justice Events Here...

Sunday, June 30 —

Sharon Katz & The Peace Train Concert Folk Factory
Sunday, June 30, at 7:30pm in the Sanctuary

Saturday, June 8, at 7:30pm in the Sanctuary
The Folk Factory will be presenting a concert by Sharon Katz & The Peace Train on Sunday, June 30, at 7:30pm!

Musician, music therapist, and humanitarian Sharon Katz was born in South Africa under Apartheid. She has used her music for social activism around the world, has been recorded by Sting, and received the Phil Ochs "Music for Political and Social Change" award. After Mandela's election, Sharon Katz & The Peace Train became the country's first musical ambassadors of the new democracy. Ladysmith Black Mambazo joined Sharon on The Peace Train, and several of her albums have featured on the Grammy ballot for Best World Music. In 2015, the documentary film "When Voices Meet" about Sharon's music and humanitarian work with The Peace Train project was released. It has received numerous awards at over 30 film festivals, has been shown on TV in over 50 countries, and is now available on Amazon Prime, YouTube and DVD. Continuing her reputation of "converting gang members into band members," Sharon is currently practicing music therapy in the border region between San Diego and Tijuana where she has been forming choirs and teaching music to youth in some of the most gang- and drug-infested areas. She's also been working in shelters for migrant children and families, a safe house for girls rescued from trafficking, and a program for survivors of torture. Sharon F, Jamie P, and Bruce & Linda P-J performed with The Peace Train on a tour a number of years ago, and Sharon F has visited Cuba and South Africa multiple times with Sharon Katz. Tickets are $15-75, sliding scale, and can be obtained in advance here.

Sunday, July 7 —

Let's Make the First Sunday of Every Month
be a Souper Sunday!

Bring a can of soup (healthy and not expired) to our wonderful community fridge. If we all did this, we would really be helping our neighbors. Thanks!

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Newsletter Deadlines —

Deadline for the Weekly eNewsletter

Please send your articles to the Admin Assistant by
4:00 on Wednesday for insertion in the weekly eNewsletter.

Deadline for the Fall
Quarterly eNewsletter

Please send your articles to Jane H by
4:00 on Wednesday, August 21, 2024
for insertion in the quarterly eNewsletter.

Every Day —

Mt. Airy Pantry

If you are interested in joining the team, fill out the VOLUNTEER FORM. We will keep you posted on new developments. You can or call Courtney at 610-731-9452. Also, be sure to follow us on Instagram @mtairyfridge. CLICK HERE for more specific information about contributions.

For more information, please visit our WEBSITE

Every Thursday —

Line Dance Classes

Every Thursday, 6 pm —

Join Us at Our Weekly Black Lives Matter Vigil every Thursday

Please join us to show our concerns about racism and white supremacy every Thursday. We line Stenton Avenue with our signs (and get tons of supportive honks) from 6-6:30pm, then join electronically with our vigil keepers at home from 6:30-7pm. During the second portion we light candles, learn about black history and share inspirational readings, music, and concerns. history.

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Mt. Airy Fridge and Food Pantry

Founded by two of our UUsMA members along with a life-long resident of East Mt. Airy, our Mt Airy Community Fridge affirms food as a right not a privilege and is founded on radical hospitality: We are all here to help each other. People that come to get food also often help stock and clean the shelves and break down boxes. Folks from the neighborhood as well as our congregation donate food. There are no requirements, no qualifiers. And we even compost! You can be a part of this wonderful project.

Volunteers are needed to pick up food from distribution sites, to help stock the shelves, to help bag bulk produce, and to help keep it clean. Meeting and helping neighbors, reaching out. What better way to live our values?

Pantry Wishlist (Drop off anytime):
canned goods
microwavable meals
shopping bags
cleaning supplies
plastic or paper grocery bags
* For composting: coffee grounded, newspaper, brown paper bags (Place these items in lower Pantry shelf with “Composting Materials” sign.)

Contributions particularly needed on Sundays and Mondays when there are no scheduled deliveries!

For information on how you can help support the Fridge and Pantry: Contact Laurie D, 215-514-7955 or Deb G, 412-600-9400

Garden Update, Fresh from the Play Area

Many thanks to our garden volunteers for their muscle and expertise last Saturday! They transported lumber, soil, and mulch from PHS' Tool Library in North Philadelphia to our play area, where Bruce and Neil assembled four boxes that were stacked to make two raised beds.

Sharon led a ceremony asking the Land for her permission to begin work, and Maryellen tossed gifts of corn in four directions as the gardeners layered cardboard, woodland debris, mulch, more cardboard, and soil in the first bed. During our Sunday picnic, Rev. McKinley dedicated the garden in memory of Suzanne W, an avid naturalist who was excited by the prospect of our garden. Mary LaValley shared our Land Acknowledgement and Indigenous words of blessing.

The first raised bed will be completed and planted this Saturday. Due to the heat, we will only add a last layer of soil to the first bed, so we can plant our seedlings. We will reorganize to build up the second bed with more cardboard, debris, mulch, and soil in the coming weeks. If you go for a walk in the woods, please consider picking up an armload of fallen branches that would fit inside a 4' x 4' box. You can leave them by the empty box. Large cardboard boxes are also needed.

Please contact Maryellen N at 609-933-2120 for further information.

Last Saturday's volunteers included Fern C, Sharon F, Mike F, Holly J, Cathy M and David Tatgenhorst, Janet M and Barbara M, Maryellen N and Neil Kulman, and Bruce and Linda P-J.

Fundraiser Update

The Carnaval in Rio fundraiser was a success! Many thanks to those who contributed services and events, and to all those who bid on those offerings so generously. Although the event has officially ended there are still a number of items that are still available to bid upon. If you're interested in bidding, please contact the person who has offered the event or service or email Stephen W for additional details. All proceeds will benefit the treasury of UUs of Mt. Airy Here are some items you may want to consider: and to see all the events...
  • Pool Party and Barbecue, offered by Nicole B: Sunday, June 30, at Nikki's backyard in Ambler. An unlimited number of spots are available for a donation of $25 per person.

  • Penllyn Club Picnic and Pool Party offered by Holly J: A Saturday or Sunday between June and August at the Penllyn Club in Ambler. 3 spots remain available for a donation of $30 per person.
  • Concert in our Sanctuary, offered by Jill S Sunday, August 11, at 3:00 in the sanctuary. An unlimited number of spots are available at $15 per person.

  • Mike's Beer Tasting, offered by Mike F on Saturday, November 9, at Mike and Steve's condo in Elkins Park. 13 spots remain available for a donation of $35 per person.

Pastoral Care Team Update

Each one of us can use some help and support at times in navigating life's ups and downs. Now there is an easy way to contact the Pastoral Care Team if you or someone you know needs a helping hand.

UUMtAiry has a convenient request/referral form that goes directly to Rev. McKinley and Care Team Coordinators. Within 24-48 hours a Care Team volunteer will acknowledge your request and have either the minister or a team member contact you. You can find the link to the request form below. Before contacting the Care Team, please keep the following in mind:

  • Pastoral Care contact is not counseling or therapy, nor should it be used for emergencies.
  • Requests for Care Team support is voluntary. If you are referring another person for follow-up, please speak to them and obtain permission to contact the Care Team.
  • If you prefer to contact Rev. McKinley directly, please call for an appointment at (806) 786-9733, or send email to him. to read more...

Have You Seen our Google Calendar?

We're working on making this ultra-functional. Soon, group leaders can add their classes, meetings, and notes to this calendar for easy access. Office hours, RE times, and maybe even worship topics will be listed as far in advance as we can make them. You can find the Monthly Meeting Calendar link at the bottom of every web page.

Or go to it directly below (bookmark with Ctrl+D or CMD+D):

Ministerial Discretionary Fund

Any one who would like to donate to the emergency fund that goes towards our most vulnerable members can do so by sending in a check earmarked for "Min. Disc. Fund" or contacting McKinley directly to donate electronically. We have helped ease the strain of Covid-19 for some of our most directly impacted folks. Your donations go a long way, and offerings are always greatly appreciated.

Looking for the Latest Congregational Directory?

... directions to a friend's home, or your latest identified donation statement?

Find all this by clicking the DIRECTORY & CONTRIBUTIONS button at the right. From the ICON homepage, you can edit your own information (illustrated below on the left) or change your password on the Settings page (circled on the right).

If you attach a photo to an email and send it to either the Office or the Webmaster, we will be happy to add it to your profile.

Forgot your username or password?
Email the Office and request a new one.

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Hale Hall Doors

It is imperative that we remember that both front and back doors to Hale Hall remain locked at all times. This means even during meetings and Sunday services. Please do not let anyone into Hale Hall that you do not personally know is safe at any time. During services, all members, friends and congregants should come in the sanctuary door. Thank you for your cooperation.

Another Way to Stay In Touch

If you use Facebook, please join the congregation's group page. You can learn more about what's going on in our community and you can post your own thoughts, poems, prayers...

Work Request Forms

If you are requesting work to be done, please complete the appropriate colored work request form located on the office door. Once your form is completed, place it in the bin labeled Administrative Assistant also hanging on the office door.

For those who do not frequently visit in person, you can send your request via email to the Administrative Office.

Pink - Request for Administrative Assistant
Yellow - Request for voucher check
Blue - Request for the sexton

Please Hang Up Your Coats

Do not leave your coats on the chairs in the Fellowship Hall or the pews in the Library. They take up valuable space that we need for seating during Coffee Hour. Please hang your coats on the rack in the hallway just outside the Fellowship Hall so that everyone can sit comfortably.
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