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Become involved with a project that has caught your passion: whether it's Green Sanctuary, Gift-Based Ministry, as a worship associate, leading a covenant group, or something entirely different, your congregation needs your involvement in order to benefit from your unique talents and gifts!

Become a religious educator. Whether you are working with children, youth, young adults, or adults, this work can be deeply fulfilling and fun!

Offer to become a lay leader in your congregation. Talk to your nominating committee. If your congregation's in search for new professional leadership, think about whether you might contribute in new and exciting ways to that venture.

Witness your faith in the company of others, on behalf of your congregation. Seek out connections with other religious groups who share similar values. Help carry the message -- beyond your congregation -- that makes clear Unitarian Universalism's values and voice in this challenging world.

Become a delegate to your UUA District's meetings. You'll learn new skills, develop a sense of Unitarian Universalism that extends beyond your own congregation, and help nurture the vitality of our faith in your district.

Don't wait to be asked: contact your congregation's Nominating Committee and tell them you're willing to serve. They'll be glad to hear from you!

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Religious Exploration (RE)

Welcome Jean Wiant, our interim Religious Educator

Jean will start with us this Sunday, May 21, and will finish out the church year in June, with the possibility of continuing on in the Fall! Yahoo!!!

Jean is a retired Credentialed Religious Educator and native Pennsylvanian. She was born and raised in Meadville, PA, attended college in Pittsburgh, PA and graduated from Indiana University, Indiana and Savannah State University, Georgia with a BS in General Studies and a Masters Degree in Business Administration respectively. Read more about Jean here.

This year, we are following the Soul Matters curriculum for our religious exploration. The overarching question for the year is "What paths must we lean into and relearn as we travel together into our complex, challenging and hoped for future?" Each monthly theme will lift up a particular spiritual path crucial to helping us birth a new normal worthy of our hopes.

In our time together, we will engage in UU rituals, like lighting the chalice, covenant creation, meditation, and more.

Register for Religious Exploration HERE.

What to Expect on Sunday Morning
Families will start together in worship. At some point during worship, generally after a story, the children are invited to join our Religious Educator, and a volunteer teacher for religious education time either in Hale Hall upstairs or outside. After worship, families will be able to pick up their children - you can even go get a cup coffee first during our fellowship hour.

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Children from the RE program honor the annual Martin Luther King Jr.
Day of Service (in part) by marching around the sanctuary and
learning about the weekly vigils hosted by our congregation.
Some things remain the same: Isabel R. and Jyl S. continue to provide exceptional care in our nursery (Jyl even assists in our classroom when she can!). Our students are still sung out every Sunday after the Story for All Ages. And we continue to explore themes in tandem with adult worship.

You might have noticed, though, one difference in particular: our program has grown ever so slightly. This is true in both our nursery as well as our classroom. It’s exciting and the energy in the room is catching! Together, we’ve explored how we are a people of vision through guided meditation; reimagined our classroom as a sanctuary by making craft stained glass; delved into our own

memories to write poems; immersed ourselves in UU history and investigated the mystery within scientific discovery by learning the story of Lewis Latimer and making circuit boards; considered the possibilities of our own futures in the light of multicultural stories of miraculous births; and most recently, practiced our trust in each other with a blindfolded partner walk in our outdoor play area.

We’ve also been lucky enough to have some tremendous volunteers helping both during and outside of class time. Big thanks to Chrissy E., Karen S., Darlene S., Linda P., Fern C., Len R., Emlen S., Leslie F., and Kaiyon F. If you are interested in volunteer opportunities, talk to Julie R when she comes on board. Posted: 08/15/2022

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